What is Haggle?


I’ve decided that I have too much stuff, so I’ve decided to make a song and dance about it, and get some money while I’m at it.

So I’m selling off my stuff. I’m selling books, CDs, kisses, comics, furniture, poetry performances, looks of disgust, minutes of silence, DVDs, a ukulele, scraps of paper, apologies, insults, and anything else you might suggest.

But to ironise the process of dematerialisation, to make a performance out of the liquidation of my assets, and to elevate the baseness of the transactions, nothing will have a price tag attached. You’ve got to haggle. Tell me what you’ll give me for the item, and I’ll tell you you must be mad. we argue. Back and forth. Eventually, an agreement is made, and you give me cash for whatever.

That’s the plan.

The performance will be ongoing, occasional and situational. Performance dates will be spontaneously decided and announced shortly in advance, to be revoked at any moment. HAGGLE will last at least all of the month of May, or until I have no stuff left, whichever comes sooner. Part of the interest in the project will be what happens as the end of the month approaches, the performances get more dejected, and the prices plummet.

Why does it exist?

  1. I’m massively in debt
  2. I move around a lot and can’t be bothered to carry all this stuff with me
  3. I’m fascinated by the processes of property and exchange
  4. I’m interested in ironising the boundaries of commerce and performance
  5. I like to make a song and dance about things

What now?

Independent performances of HAGGLE are currently suspended, though likely to return when required.  HAGGLE is also part of the Property and Theft triptych, which will be next performed at Tollcross Community Centre in March 2011.

Past Performances

– Wednesday 12th May, Hatfields, Loughton: blog post here
– Thursday 13th May, Hatfields, Loughton: blog post here
– Thursday 20th May, Hatfields, Loughton: blog post here

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