This is not a riot @ The Yard, Hackney

a day about violence and protest

The Yard, Hackney
Sunday October 23rd
12pm – 7.30pm

£5 per event, or £10 for the whole day


12.00 – 1.30
Open Discussion: Give Up Art/Activism

What’s happened here, in Hackney, across the UK, and the world? Why do people riot? What’s going to happen next? And what has art got to do with any of it? A facilitated open discussion exploring questions surround riots and performance.


2.30 – 3.30
Lucy Ellinson’s Kaidan

A participatory storytelling game about UK cuts and the resistance to them. Join in to investigate stories from London and further afield about the local impact of the cuts, and to start thinking about the ways we can respond.


4.30 – 5.30
Harry Giles: This is not a riot.

Part performance, part workshop, part lecture, part blazing argument, “This is not a riot” is a brand new piece of interactive theatre looking at what violence is, why we do it, and when it might be useful. Includes stuffed animals.


5.30 – 7
Riot Mic with Catherine Brogan and Ray Antrobus

Got some words to say about riots, about protest, about violence, about politics, about race, about anything that’s important to you? Poetry, stories, songs, rants? We’re opening the stage to your performances. To get five minutes to share your work with a friendly audience, email, or come prepared.

With feature sets from top performance poets and local poetry organisers Catherine Brogan and Ray Antrobus.


This is a day staged by Open Source Theatre, a fluid group of theatre-makers looking at the intersection of performance and politics. We care about audiences, we like inviting them onto the stage, and we like talking about what’s important with them in experimental but accessible ways. Find out more at


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