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A comprehensive analysis  of the finanial, environmental and social impacts of my Arches LIVE one-on-one:

(click to download)

We are pleased to note that What We Owe was completely comercially unviable. Given minute incomes for
both the performer and the venue, boh of whom incurred a loss on the project, it could only exist in a wider
festival context and with public arts funding.

In contrast, the performance was highly carbon-efficient compared to standard thatre productions. In a low
carbon future, short, technically simple performances for tiny audiences may become the new norm.

For its size, What We Owe had enormous social impact. We are able to claim the planning of over £200,000 of
financial debt repayment, plus increased civic and environmental responsibility across a range of spheres.

Thanks to the lovely Nick Anderson for arranging, and the equally great Chris Strachan for filming, I also have a film of one interaction, so you can see what it’s all about. Enjoy:

Harry Giles – What We Owe from Nick Anderson on Vimeo. WE OWE is a highly unqualified debt counselling service. In a one-on-one session, Harry will take you through a discussion of what you owe – not just financially, but emotionally, socially and ecologically. Together, you’ll create a personalised Debt Action Plan which will leave you happier – or, at least with a colour-coded spreadsheet.

In an economy driven by huge financial debts, What We Owe is a tragicomic glance at what we mean by de

bt, and how we struggle to even begin to deal with it.Tue 25 – Wed 26 Sep 2012 | Slots from 6pm-9pm (15 mins) | £5
Festival pass: £32/£26 | Day pass: £18/£12 | Call 0141 565 1000 to book

an interactive theatre project about violence and protest

30th June and 2nd July
7.30pm (90 mins), Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

Part performance, part survival training, part blazing argument, “This is not a riot” is a new theatre project looking at what violence is, why we do it, and when it might be useful. Includes stuffed animals.

Following a year of performances at venues and festivals around the UK, from The Yard Hackney to Buzzcut Glasgow, “This is not a riot” is appearing for two special free performances in Edinburgh in preparation for touring to the CrisisArt Festival in Tuscany.

Supported by Creative Scotland.


In May we began developing our new show, Class Act, as an Ovalhouse Counterculture Commission. We vblogged the whole process, and you can read about it all here:

Day One, it all begins to come out

Days Two and Three, words and games are shaped

Day Four, actors are brought into play

Day Five, a theoretical interlude in the rigging

Day Eight, sharing and scratching and making things

Days Nine and Ten, spit and polish

So how did it all go?


We’re all in it together. We’re all middle class now. Class politics is dead. Class war is over. CLASS ACT is a cutting and irreverent take on these and other lies.

A combination performance, workshop, game-a-thon and blazing argument, CLASS ACT is an interactive entertainment variety looking at where we come from, what that means, and what you’re going to do about it.

Devised and performed by Harry Giles, a theatre-maker and poet working in participatory theatre and political engagement.


Thu 17 May – Sat 19 May, 8:00pm
Ovalhouse Upstairs

020 7582 7680


Class Act is an Ovalhouse Counter-Culture Commission.

Inspired by Ovalhouse’s history of radical and activist performance, these seed commissions investigate what counter-culture could mean today. Is it possible to be an outsider in a society priding itself on inclusivity? Who gets to be counter-cultural? And who gets to decide?

This mini-season of works-in-progress marks the beginning of an exploration that will grow into a Counter-Culture season sometime in 2013.


Part performance, part training workshop, part lecture, part blazing argument, This is not a riot. is a new piece of interactive theatre looking at what violence is, why we do it, and when it might be useful. Includes stuffed animals.

These are the first dates to be announced in our Scottish Spring tour. We’re bringing our hour-long show to arts and community centres and festivals across Scotland in spring 2012, engaging audiences in the history of riots in their own home towns. If you’re interested in booking the project fo your own venue or event, please contact

Saturday 17th March, 2.30pm
The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
Buzzcut Festival

Sunday 1st Apr, 2pm
Tayside Deaf Hub, Dundee
The Free University

Wed 18th Apr, 5pm
Venue One, St Andrews
On the Rocks Festival

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